Sunday, August 16, 2009

So little meant so much

The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery!

The weekend is the time that me and my hubby waiting for. Aina finished her class on Thursday afternoon and she will be with us for three days. wow..mesti best punye. She will have lots and lots of fantastic stories for us ..

As usual life goes as what we expected it to be..Aina came back and told us so many stories about her classmates, her lectures , her room , her frenzs and finally her assignments.Mak fast with the assignment and this time she need to present it in front of the class. Knowing Aina for almost eighteen years (of course I am her mom what ..) she used to be very timid, shy and reserved type . This will be her first obstacle.why lah i ask her to join mass comm ..pity her. She always complained to me (ten times may be ...) this is your course not me.. you always telling me that this is your dream course .. That is a true statement. Mass Comm. used to be my dream course since I used to be an outgoing person, I like adventurous life and it happen that my bf pun asking for the same course in ITM.. (dulu-dulu punye cerite..Kalau hubby i tau ...mati i ) .Pity for Aina. But she seems enjoy the course during the orientation week..after the orientation she never grumbled about the course.

So, over the weekend we start hunting for information..The title is CULTURE..she need to choose one sub culture and how the culture has influenced the society and way of life of the generation.. i promised her that i will help her since she had no experience in such topic especially to write the thesis statement, the etymology, the background..i told her not to worry since her mum will used all her varsity skills and experience to lead her to present a good piece of assignment. Luckily I never fail to pay my streamyx bill and the net was available at our home.

First the google search...Fantastic..the information was there. She need to read all and decides which culture that she confident in presenting it. As her mom cum her teacher cum her good friend,I must give her advice.. right! so here comes me.. We have a lot of sub-culture and she need to choose that she familiar that she confident when the lecturer asks her to tell the class about her findings, one that can throw away her shyness of being a reserved type..and the most important is one that she can give confidence to herself.Finally she decided to choose HIP HOP..ha ha something new to me but not for her generation.Thanx to google again ..what can we do without you ..Luckily there is a lot of information on hip hop and i can see her smiling ..the info was superb....

As a mother i feel happy that at least i manage to help her..even though its just a small contribution.I can see her.. searching and hunting through the net until 4.00 p.m and how i wish i can watch her presentation to give her some moral support but i believe my little Aina will get through it well because she got my guts in herself.She got all the courage from us..

Sending her back to the condo was a little touching for me. I can see her crying and deep in my heart i keep on telling her that she will go on successfully ! For me that is the only contribution that a mum can do and I believe all mums will do the same to help their loves one. On my way home i received an sms from her..

So little meant so much !

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Bravo for my little darling!

My daughter had just enrolled at segi collegge usj two weeks ago. It was the first time that we were far apart for quite a long time. For my hubby and me ,she was so precious since she was our only child . She was the gift from Allah to our marriage because i had been undergone two miscarriages after she was born . So she was our seeds of love, our happiness, our hope .. She was very close to both of us.

It was hard for me to accept the fact that she was not staying with us now. She leads her own life with her mass comm collegues, she had dinner with her frenzs, she need to prepare her own breakfast at her condo. hunting for lunch at the nearby mc d and so and so and so..Believe me.. for those who has only one child and never been apart for a long time with their little darling this will be the toughest moment in their life. i am not trying to deny the fact..really. i just want to share more moments with her..with her giggling, shouting, teasing her..i always treat her as my best friend.we always share our secret about man in our life (none other than my hubby)..i always appointed her as my private eye (PI) if i want to know about my husband's secret..

my daughter used to be my fashion police..this is not suit with you mum..this baju kurung is very dull in colour better wear this one and not that many sharing of happy moments between us because we are sharing the same hobby , reading. She will be the first to grab my GLAM magazine , she reminds me if i miss the issue of the month, she enlightens my day if i have some grumblings on her father and most important thing is she is my loyal comrade to go shopping. We will spend hours and hours at the mall..

Now, lonelines is everywhere. my hubby said it's the time to let her go. Let her has experience with her new life..with girlfriends (not bf ye darling..), with new surrounding rather than 'bawah ketiak mama'..Whenever i try to let some fresh air into her room, i barely able to breath... not because of the pollution but because of her smells was everywhere..i can see her running and trying to 'sergah' me from behind the door, pretending to sleep to let me tickle her belly,calling the father to help her as if i am trying to carry her to the bathroom....oh what a jolly good moments..

For my daughter, NUR AINA ATHIRA, i really hope that you can lead a happy life there. May you have the spirits like your mum, the guts like your ayah and the attitude like us both. Do your best to survive in a new environment and i want u to know that mama and ayah will always be there to help you to face all the difficulties and overcome all the obstacles and may your dreams to be a journalist will be granted by Allah ! inshaallah

Remember this line

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


The great thing in this world is not so much where we are ; but in what direction we are moving.

thanx to my hubby and my little darling for supporting me on my way to be a good teacher.