Wednesday, October 21, 2009 I come !

Splendid..that's the exact word to describe our holiday for this year..Malacca was an amazing and fantastic destination for a holiday. It was unexpectedly that Malacca has developed a lot. From juz a monotonous A Famosa or Stadhuys building , we have so many places actually to go. Menara Taming Sari, Malacca River Cruise, Eye On Malaysia, Jonker Walk, London Bus, Quayside seafood, Trishaw Ride, Dataran pahlawan and sooooo many places. Not to mention the famous asam pedas mak mah. My hubby was really enjoyed the asam pedas mak mah until he doze up soundly at the hotel..kenyang betul ..i tell you it cost us only RM 25.00 for three of us with ulam dauntenggek burung + asam pedas ikan cencaru + pucuk ubi + ikan keli masak minang + lai chee kang + giant sotong masak make my mouth watering ! tak percaya..go to malacca now !

Dato Ali Rustam had turn Malacca into little Venice when we venture the city on the river cruise. The fare is only RM10.00 for a person and the scenery was fantastic. We took the ride after the maghrib prayer and there were a lot of people still waiting at the jetty. We watched the kampung Morten from the cruise and the 45 minutes ride seemed endless..I really enjoyed the tour.

After the river cruise we feel hungry and we ate the seafood at the quayside seafood and okay lah..but the price was quite expensive! RM 30.00 for mee singapore + coconut drink +....

Then come the Jonker walk. ..actually it just like the petaling street in kl. The thing is all the hawkers were very nice and friendly and we can haggle for the lowest price if u are smart enough. The price was really cheap compared to the gallery price. We went twice since my daughter and I were really crazy for shopping. Pity my husband..waiting for us like crazy and just to ambik hati i belikan dia rayban ciplak..dia tak pakai pun!

The hotel Sri Costa was located right in the middle of Malacca town so we just walk to reach our destination. Easy parking and save budget lagi. The only place that we need to drive is Eye on Malaysia. I tell you I really panic. I don't want to join my daughter and my hubby..they both FORCE me to join them. I ended up wearing my daughter's waferer (cermin mata hitam )and close my eyes throughout the ride. Funny thing i cannot see the view..macam-macam rasa ada..sumpah i tak nak naik lagi !

Menara Taming Sari lagi satu pulak..Mati I..Dah lah naik atas kemudian dipusing-pusing nya kita kat atas.I sempatlah minta ampun and maaf pada my hubby sebelum naik tu. nak tergelak pun ade. My daughter mintak halalkan hutang-hutang dia pada i . Peluang lah nak tambah hutang baru..he..he..anyway i dah halalkan hutang-hutang nya tu..pandai dia amik peluang...time nak naik taming sari..

London bus pun ok..dengan RM5.00 kita berpeluang tour bandar Malacca..Kami naik masa tak ramai orang hanya lima orang je..My daughter sempat baring dalam bas tu ..he..he macam kami chartered satu bas lak..VIP treat lah konon. Dataran Pahlawan lagilah best. Anak I tak lepas peluang g Roxy tapi takbeli ape pun..sume dia dah ada ..lagipun baru habis shopping raya..mana nak cekau duit ye.Ade jugak MNG dan ESPRIT..tapi cepat I cubit dia..I nampak GULATI'S melambai-lambai I . Tapi dia orang cerdik. My hubby buat-buat sakit perut konon gastrik datang and my daughter lagi pandai buat drama swasta..suruh i tengok kaki dia yang dah melecet tu..nasib badan..

Oklah..banyak nye promote Malacca.Ali Rustam tak nak bagi commisyen ke ? tahniah untuk Malacca..